I started "Adopt a Cat" to get some control on the cat population on Kythira, Adopt a cat is a well known, respected organisation


I see a positive change in the behaviour

towards animals on the island but of course

there's still a lot to do


You can help by supporting a cat on Kythira.

Under Support a cat you'll find the cats

in need of support.


Let me know who you want to support,

so I can keep you posted on "your" cat.


Under Contact you'll find all information

and the bank account



We are also happy with all donations,

this can be done through paypal

or on the bank account


€4,60 a month will feed a cat... 

€7,95 a month will feed, neuter and vaccinate a cat

You can also support a cat and "GIVE" it as a present


Bezoek de SponsorKliks en sponsor Adopt a cat gratis! 

Als jij iets koopt bij de aangesloten winkels (en dat zijn er veel) ontvangt Adopt a cat een commissie terwijl jij het zelfde betaalt. 


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