You can support a cat on Kythira, there are a couple of people

taking care of cats at their houses or in little harbours around the island.

These cats are well looked after.


To support a cat you choose 1 of the cats below

and let me know who you want to support

so I can keep you posted on "your" cat.


The basic needs are sterilisation and food.

€7,95 a month will feed, neuter and vaccinate a cat


€55,- a year or €4,60 a month will feed 1 cat...

€40,- will neuter and vaccinate 1 cat. 


I am happy with all the help you can give me, THANKS

Who will support us 


Bezoek de SponsorKliks en sponsor Adopt a cat gratis! 

Als jij iets koopt bij de aangesloten winkels (en dat zijn er veel) ontvangt Adopt a cat een commissie terwijl jij het zelfde betaalt. 


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