A lot has happened and if you are not on Facebook

you might have missed it all.


Most important thing that happened is the book about

special cats on the island.


Sent me a message if you want more information


Thank you for your support


An auction for the cats on Kythira

has brought in enough money to start

the build of a second shelter,

Thank you all for making this possible


To stay up to date on all that's happening

for the cats on Kythira visit me on Facebook; Irene Op Kythira or Filozoiki Etairia Kythira




Due to the fast multi media facebook

it's impossible to keep this website

up to date PLEASE visit me on Facebook: Irene Op Kythira or Filozoiki Etairia Kythira

so you can see the latest news on the cats on Kythira


If you are not on facebook please sent me a message with your questions THANKS




SADLY still a lot of kittens are being born


PLEASE call for help by the neutering of your cats, I can and will help


You can also sent me a message through this website ... THANK YOU FOR CARING




A happy new year to you all,

may it be a year without animal abuse..


This little kitten I found wandering alongside

the main road going to Potamos,

he went with me on my feeding round in

the north of the island

and is now safe home with me


Please help me help the cats on Kythira

Summer is almost over,

the tourists are slowly leaving the island..

Thank you all for your support

Every sunday on the Potamos market

Filozoiki Kythiron

Introducing to Kythira and the world

Filozoiki Kythiron

the easter weekend (11-12 april 2015)


Every sunday you'll find us on the market in Potamos


We wish you a very happy new year and thank you for your support in 2014..

we hope we can count on you in 2015..

Thank you very much


Mitata is neutered and vaccinated


Janis in Avlemonas is neutered and vaccinated

Thank you all for your support,

we couldn't have done it without you


Two more groups are added to our care

1/ Agia Pelagia Maria in the area of the Romantica hotel

2/ Karavas on the lower part of the village

From today 15-11-2014 we are looking after two new groups, one in Kapsali and the other one in Piso Gialo

You can support them and in this way help us help them

Thank you for caring





As you can see "Adopt a cat" is not only for cats



We'll help all animals in need,

this little owl got stuck on fly paper,

one side was completely covered with glue

We started to neuter and vaccinate the cats in Avlemonas, there are about 50 cats there so we can use all the help we can get.


Please support a cat in Avlemonas...

under Adopt us you'll find the cats in need..


Thanks for helping

"Give" a cat as a present

The end of oktober is near..

We see a lot of cats that have been fed all summer

appear and look for food, please help us get them

through the winter..

We are collecting money to sterilize the cats of Avlemonas

and we are well on our way in Potamos..

Summer has almost ended and we are waiting to see how many kittens will appear,

thanks to every body that supported us this summer.


we managed to sterilize all cats in Mitata, Dourianika, Agia Patrikia

and almost all in Agia Pelagia and Kapsali.


Please keep helping us

we can not do it without you

We placed these feeders

all around the island for YOU to fill.

Please DO so with only DRY FOOD


Thank you for helping

Slowly the new kittens appear,

be it not that many as the years before.


we now know were they are and keep an eye on them.


Please keep helping us, without You we can not do anything



Thank you all for the compliments on our work

we could not have done it without you

and we are not finished yet..


Please keep helping us through donations or

support of a cat on our beautiful island


Thank you


You can also find us on facebook

irene op kythira

Summer has started, the tourists arive

and slowly there is money coming in for our project.

Thank you all for your help

Because of the winter period there's not much happening

on the island, however we are still setrilising and

vaccinating cats and taking care of the cats in terms of

feeding them, we are placing food dispensers around the island.

Soon you'll find more information about this here or on

our facebook page: irene op kythira or adopt a cat/kythira.


thank you all for helping

New in the adopt a cat program.


This to help stop the brith of pups that are not wanted.


Dog owners on the island mostly have more than 2 dogs

and most of them can not afford to have them sterilized

so every year they'll end up with pups they don't want.

These pups are dumped somewhere or killed directly after birth.

To stop this from happening we can use your help.


€40,- will help to get 1 dog spayed

1 year ago (1-12-2012) we started "Adopt a cat",
We had high hopes but never expected it would go this well.

In the last year we checked, vaccinated and neutered 192 cats.
We found homes for 5 cats abroad and relocated
several on Kythira.
We repaired 4 broken legs, 2 hernia's, treated 7 serious
teeth problems, reconstructed 1 head and treated several eye problems.
We brought 1 poisoned cat back to life.
Sadly we had to put 3 cats to sleep.

We see a change in the behaviour towards animals in general all around the island.
We thank you all for helping and please keep on doing so.



Next week (1-12-2013) we'll cellibrate 1 year Adopt a cat.
We'll give you an update of what has been done.


Thank you for helping us.

Now (half of Nov.) we see a lot of cats that are used to people

and used to live inside houses

that are trying to find food and shelter elsewhere.

Please help us help them, Thank you

This month (Nov.) started out with broken and paralised legs..

Up untill now we did a healthcheck, teath check,

sterilisation and vaccination for about 150 cats.

these cats are all being taken care of on kythira

or have found a new home abroad.

Thank you all for your help

Last week (beginning of September) we neutered 10 cats

from Pitsinades. 1 of them found a new home in Athens.
This week we'll neuter 11 cats from Pelagia and

4 cats from Frilianika.


we also neutered a dog from Xora and are looking for

new homes for 8 dogs. 4 dogs off 3 months old,

1 dog off 6 months and 3 off a year old.


110 cats are now sterilised and vaccinated,

we found new homes for a lot of them.


There are requests from a few villages

on the island to sterilise and vaccinate the cats.

Up untill now we sterilised about

60 cats all around the island. Kapsali /

A. Pelagia / A. Patrikia / Potamos / Mitata


if you see a cat with a slightly cut left ear,

you know this cat is sterilised and vaccinated

The cats in A. Partikia have been sterilized.

There are still some kittens we'll do them

in September


These cats also need support.


We counted the cats in Agia Pelagia (60)

and gonna start with the sterilisation


we still need help for this project.


Born 10 days ago (4-5-2013)

And his sister

You'll find "piggy"banks around the island

for your donations.

you can also follow us one facebook

adopt a cat kythira

With your help we managed to feed 20 cats

through out the winter and get 4 of them sterilized.


3 cats are "personaly" being supported

by donators abroad


Because these months are the real winter

months on Kythira nothing much happend.


we had some nice reaction on the website

and some people who started supporting cats.



We collected a total of €80,-

in our little saving cans,

this money we used for buying food

and for the castration of 2 male cats.


Thanks everybody and a verry happy new year

we hope to see you on our beautiful island.


This month we started putting

small cans around the island

on different locations to collect

money for our projects.


This month we started with a small sterilisation

project on the island.

A total off 40 cats have been sterilized.

this is of course a very small amount on the

total population, but it's a start.



On this page we'll keep you informed on

the devellopments on the island.


keep an eye on us and thanks for helping.